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Celebrating the birth of words

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Words can have such a great purpose. Through them we can connect to each ither in a more precise and intimate way. The words uttered can connect our thoughts and move us within. We can be one in mind and heart. We can think the same and feel the same. It is very beautiful. Language is beautiful. Today I’m being reminded to celebrate words.

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Progress is what we seek, development is the way. There has been great technology development. What about human capabilities development? From the practice of writing to typing and now only clicking.

When Miracles happen, it is His gentle way of showing us that He is near, here with me. I guess… a little more than gentle if it’s not in line with natural law.

Reading too much into them, make us narrow in mind. Numbers do not take into account future events, the miracles, hopes & possibilities.

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