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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I agree with the old man in a Korean drama, saying that we shouldn’t be trapped in the past. I think most of us would say that too. But what does it really mean?

I realised that it is easy to hold on to a moment of intense emotion and make the decision of a lifetime. Though I didnt act on them consciously, it was grounding my relationships thinking that this person is always like this, until this day. But, that’s not entirely true. Perhaps only sometimes.

Maybe like thoughts, moments are passing by too, just like emotions. The words uttered... the reaction seen... and the emotions felt... They belong to that moment alone. It is not right to hold on to them everyday. Maybe that’s what trapped in the past mean. Decisions made in those moments were meant to keep one safe from harm. It was good then but only for a certain period of time. People can and do grow, so have I and the circumstance around us. It’s time to revisit and unlock certain doors.

Should I held on to one moment in the past in deciding how to treat a person everyday moving forward?

Is this what forgiveness means?

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